We Spring Up Collaborations with Investors That Bloom with Opportunity for Growth
We Spring Up Collaborations with Investors That Bloom with Opportunity for Growth

Product Services: Real Estate Investing Buy/Hold and Flip plus more

As a supporter of affordable housing and assistance, Daffodil Property Associates, LLC recognizes the importance of education and awareness of the residents that involve community issues. This premise extends beyond just the standard of "Buy/Hold and Flip"


For this reason, we provide several opportunities for those in Southern Maryland to rent/buy homes that suit their needs.  


Also, we strive to help educate and empower residents to improve not only their own living situations, but those of the entire community.


To Learn about our Financing Programs, click here.  COMING FALL 2018


To Learn about our available housing houses for rent, click here.  COMING WInter 2018


To Learn about our available houses for sale, click here.  COMING Winter 2018


Click Here for our "Blooming Money for Your Financing Flip Guide"  COMING August 2018


Click Here for our catalog of courses.  COMING January 2019


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